Jeff Kimberly

  • Senior Pastor
  • 419-875-6752


Job Title: Senior Pastor

Describe your job: I am the Preaching Minister. It’s my job to preach the Sunday messages, grow the congregation spiritually and set direction and vision.

Hometown: Mentor, Ohio (It’s pronounced Menner)

Describe your family:  I’m married to the best redhead around, Melody. We’ve been married since 2011 and we have three awesome kids. Cayleigh (9), Micah (7) and Aiden (4).


Beach or mountains: Both?

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird

Sports or arts? Sports. Have you not seen my office?

Creative or administrative? Again… both?

Italian Food or Mexican Food? Either… but i’d probably pick Italian first.

Coffee or Tea? Sweet tea

Ice Cream or Froyo? Ice cream… with peanut butter cups!


Most embarrassing moment: Oh… there are so many!

One place you would like to visit: Any Presidential Library

One thing about the staff people don’t realize: I’m the only paid staff

The best movie of all time is clearly: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

If you had to do one other job in a field outside of your own, what would it be: I’d be an elementary school teacher

Everyone should read:. The Bible

Most played on your playlist right now: Casting Crowns